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THE (REAL) GARCIA – a brand with a functional, practical and timeless style.

It is designed in Barcelona and aims to complement the wardrobe of a modern man, who knows what he wants, with iconic pieces for any occasion, where every detail is imbued with architecture and quality.

Its slogan – Be Less, Be Better, Be (REAL) – is a statement of intent, as responsible consumption, sustainability and authenticity is embedded in its DNA.
A brand that does not overdo it with logos, but with performance, comfort and know-how.

Established in Spain, for Europe and the world.

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27 octubre 2021


080 TV


Neutral, flexible and functional. This is how THE (REAL) GARCIA's new proposal for the new Autumn/Winter 21-22 collection is defined.

True to their philosophy, they suggest essential garments for everyday life, while reinterpreting patterns that have been popular throughout the history of men's clothing and that fit in the wardrobe of a practical man, who knows what he wants and favours quality and functionality.

Timeless garments with modern fabrics that are both imbued with avant-garde and history. 

A style that is here to stay.