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The Label Edition was born in early 2019 by the hand of two experts in fashion and luxury marketing, Véronique Von Siebenthal (founder and creative director) and Laura Johansson (co-founder).

With a 100% digital DNA, the commercial strategy of The Label Edition revolves around the online sale, given that its most compelling feature is the exhibition of its garments on the web. Since its very beginning, there’s been the will to bolster the communication and image side of the firm, in order to create a brand centered not merely on the design of the garments, but also on conveying a set of values and an aesthetic through it.

Timelessness, ethical and honest fashion, and exclusivity are the backbones that have guided the growth of The Label Edition, based on the production of capsules in proximity and in limited units. The brand endorses a more dynamic approach, following its creative process without subduing it to restraints in terms of seasons and the number of garments. Moreover, producing limited editions gives the firm the luxury to choose some fabrics from dead-stock, giving them a second life and contributing to the durability of the clothing. This resource allows them to include a philosophy of recycling in some capsules, bolstering further the slow-fashion. The visual-aesthetic aspect plays a relevant role as well, understood as the quest for effortless beauty and elegance that «always compliment a woman’s essence, and never overwhelm».

The Label Edition has its operational base in the city of Barcelona, in view of the relevance of the textile sector in Catalonia. Nonetheless, the brand enjoys a wide international repercussion and, in less than a year, it has established itself in the world of fashion as a desired brand among customers, actresses and influencers. In its brief span of life, The Label Edition has hitherto been recognized both in national and international media (see on the web, section ‘press’) that credit how this marriage between product and communication has been able to reach the consumer and inebriate her of its values.

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17 septiembre 2020


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To make an entrance in the world of the runway , The Label Edition stretches its roots and goes back to the initial desire that launched the brand: to create a concept around ethical, timeless, and exclusive fashion.

The garments of The Label Edition are designed by and for resilient women, with a taste and an aesthetic sensitivity that recoils from excessiveness. Resilience is the capacity to persist , even in unfavorable circumstances, to keep on projecting oneself towards the future. In a world where everything seems to be liquid and ephemeral, stained by great instability and uncertainty with regards to the medium and long term, taking care of one’s own is of vital importance: the planet in light of the climate change, the family in light of the Covid-19, and the personality in light of the homogenization of fashion by trends.
Being able to maintain and reinvent a piece of gear to adapt it to one’s daily life, instead of letting it sleep in a closet after having only once waged its function, characterizes a strong and conscious personality that prioritizes aesthetics but, at the same time, a responsible and ethical consumption . This is the personality of a woman who wants to detach herself from mass production and rather indulge in 
atemporal pieces , capable of developing a new life on a variety of occasions.

Such is the beauty of The Label Edition’s garments: their capacity to regenerate themselves and preserve the originality they have been designed with. The dresses, blouses, skirts, and so forth, are conceived to be styled either as a statement item or to complement another attire, with the invariable purpose of reflecting the effortless elegance of the women wearing them. The Label Edition draws on a compromise with the quality , in contraposition to quantity, of the garments – the renowned saying less is more , that confers a double value-added in terms of sustainability and exclusivity .
This show is meant to represent in each little detail the philosophy of the brand: pieces that are timeless and resilient but elegant and inspired , which illustrates how slow-fashion does not spell limitation but rather freedom and personality.

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