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Alba Ayza, founder of The Artelier, was born in Barcelona to a French mother and a Spanish father. Since she was very young she drew all kinds of characters and after that she started studying illustration at the Pau Gargallo Institute in Badalona, where she realised that her passion was fashion, which is why she started her career in fashion design at the LCI Barcelona University. During his time at university, he worked in various print design companies where he acquired a lot of experience in the sector.

Her final collection "Poesia ets tu" talked about dressing poetry through prints and fish designs, thanks to this collection she was given the opportunity to be represented by Blend, thanks to them the collection has appeared in several international and national magazines such as GQ Portugal, Harper's Bazaar Mexico, Neo 2, among others. 

The Artelier was born as a brand by Alba Ayza in 2020, created to express the passion for fashion and prints, without gender and barriers, with mostly ecological and sustainable fabrics, with dyes for prints that complete the oeko-*tex certificate and above all MADE IN BARCELONA.

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Avant is The Artelier's most personal collection. For me, the most important thing has always been my family. Six months ago my aunt, the most important part of my life, died. I didn't see her for two years because she lives in Lió, France, and when it was late, I could only see her for two minutes. Two real minutes. Then I realised that the collection had to talk about everything that reminded me of my family. 

It is a collection that tells the story of my life, with fabrics of organza and tulle that give this personal transparency. With a look that my girlfriend always used to say to me when I was getting married. I would like her to see it now.  There are also looks with oversized coats that make you hug and tell you that nothing is wrong, that everything will be fine. The prints explain everything. My aunt was born in Barcelona, but because of poverty, my father went to work in Lió and she and her three children went to Guadix. went to Guadix. But once he settled down, she went with him to Lió to start her new life. 

Then my mother was born, who at the age of 15 went to Barcelona to see her family and fell in love with a Spanish boy. Here I was born, in Barcelona, returning to the initial cycle, now I have to fall in love with a French boy... who knows, maybe my collection will explain it to you. Discover it.