Isabel Esteve is the current design director at the Sita Murt company, a position she took on after Sita’s death in 2014. 

Graduated from ADE, her professional career is closely linked to design. From a very young age on, she accompanied her mother, Sita Murt, as she travelled all over the world, seeking new ideas and inspiration. Her growing interest in fashion led her to study at the EATM (Fashion Arts and Techniques School) and start a new stage researching design techniques, materials, forms ...

In 2000, she joined the Design Department, run by Sita Murt.

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16 septiembre 2020


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Collection_Come as you are

Sita Murt/’s winter 2020/2021 is inspired by curious women, who feel free and brave, who fight for their dreams and are committed to their environment. 
"Come as you are" is the message we want to give to all these women. We want them to be eclectic in their way of dressing and to be able to express themselves through our collection. That’s the reason why we’ve designed three different but compatible capsules at the same time, to dress all these women who want to give some light to this winter, without losing their own essence. 

Chemical softness 
A trait of optimism, with a chic and casual personality. 
The acid, fresh and fruity colors are diluted in pastel tones, creating warm and cozy pieces. Graphics and traditional jacquards play with asymmetries and are blent with different natural fabrics, creating exclusive garments and vibrant prints that contrast with the cold of winter. 

City Green 
An urban style connected to nature. 
The earth tones, khaki greens and modern camel predominate, bringing us closer and connecting us with nature. We brush these tones with strong and vibrant colors such as fuchsias or limes, giving life to each garment that comes out of our workshops. 
We can highlight the extra-large prints combined with macro openwork and sets of contrasts with small geometric prints. 
Unusual combinations with very visual finishes, such as our own Fun Fur, which achieves an exceptional vegan fur effect. 

Essential Mood 
The magic of the essentials with a minimalist, elegant and monochrome style. 
We highlight the basic garments that subtly fit the female body with a compact look and a structure that allows very defined details that enhances the essence of the brand. 
The overlays of elements and volumes are born in soft and traditional tones, such as mélange grey, creating a fluid and clean pattern. 
In addition, the main characters of our capsules are the fabrics. We always look for the highest quality in wool, cotton or viscose and we have incorporated recycled yarns and ecological fabrics to achieve 100% natural and environmentally friendly looks.