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Paraiso is an independent genderless brand focuses on joy and passion.

Born in 2020 under Oscar Puig’s direction as a men’s swimwear Brand. Nowadays it has become a genderless and seassonless ready to
wear brand.With a strong goal: inspire people by bringing them into a universe of fun, pleasure and life enrichment. All the garments are hand made in Barcelona with lots of passion and affection.

The Young designer Oscar Puig has been also working for Avellaneda, Mes Amies or La Manso.

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29 abril 2021


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Collection_Paraiso means fun

"Paraiso means fun" is an ode to fun and beauty.

It explores the pleasure of the carefree, of youthfulness of spirit, of contact and love of life. 

It tells the story of a boy who seeks to connect with the here and now, a bon vivant, who finds beauty in the simplest things. It explores how the purity of beautiful things emerges from simplicity, like rocks sculpted by millennia of ocean waves, like old houses whittled by the passage of time. 

It finds inspiration in the scuffed sheets of a bed, in old towels, in yesterday’s clothes, in the sunlight streaming through the window on a long summer's day.

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