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I was born on the 8th of March, 1998, in Tarragona and my childhood and formative years were full of art, music and volleyball. Educated at the Escola Elisabeth in Salou, after studying the baccalaureate, in July last year, 2020, I graduated in Fashion Design at LCI Barcelona School of Design and Visual Arts. My final project was a collection called AJAL1851, which allowed me entry to the coveted Arts Of Fashion Foundation (AOFF) competition in San Francisco, where I was a finalist along with 49 other students from all over the world. 

The NNPress agency signed me that same September, and thanks to them my designs have appeared in international publications the likes of Vogue Russia and L'Officiel Monaco. The film of my first collection was selected for the Fashion Films RD competition, an international competition in the Dominican Republic

In November 2020 the Paola Molet brand project was born, with an initial collection planned for sale and a catwalk presentation that will take place next April at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Since a very early age I have dreamt of fashion, of creating something new with fabrics and patterns. Today I can present myself to others as a designer and my aim is to express everything I feel through my collections and garments.

My goal is to create fashion that is cared for down to the finest detail so that the result is unique, and to meet and share new experiences with professionals in the sector who are as eager as I am to enjoy this wonderful world.

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27 abril 2021


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Film Freeway: @paolamoletgarcía

Collection_Oh, l'amour

What would happen if those around you didn't understand how you love? Is there only one correct model for expressing how we feel towards others?  And what if you never felt anything, ever, for anyone? Or if, on the contrary, you feel so broken inside that you no longer believe in feelings?

The ‘Oh, l'amour’ collection speaks about how society understands love and the search, successful or not, for happiness within established canons. These walls are the birthplace for the frustration of extraordinary people who, when it comes to love, just don’t fit into the system. Imagine, dear reader, not being able to love as we really feel because of the constant pressure of being judged by others. It makes you sad, doesn’t it?

To you, the viewer and new integral part of the collection:
Welcome to a critical, deconstructive vision of the rules that neither you nor I invented. I hope you enjoy it.