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Paloma wool is a multi-disciplinary artistic exploration project structured around the ideas and spaces created in relation to the act of getting dressed. Paloma Lanna founded paloma wool in 2014 paloma wool in the belief that it would not following the standards established by the fashion industry. paloma wool began life as a digital project focusing on artistic exploration, local and limited production, the exploration of different sustainable production methods and a very important cornerstone: creating and growing thanks to mutual support among friends to develop a platform where different artistic outlooks and disciplines meet.

Paloma Lanna was born in 1989 in San Sebastián, grew up in Barcelona, and studied Business administration and management at ESADE. Her upbring went hand in hand with the influence and experience of her parents’ fashion project, nice things Paloma S.

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25 octubre 2021


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Collection_Eternal loop

We’ve developed a series of pieces and prints from infinite patterns exploring the beautiful balance between order and chaos within our universe. “Everything is connected, the chain has never been broken”, is a mantra which reflects the project's interest around the representation of how we are in this together, from the tiniest atom to the vast galaxy.

Our project continues to represent multidisciplinary artists around the world through different collaborations, nurturing local production and sustainable manufacturing.