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Born in Madrid, Spain, and holding a degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing Management from the ESIC Marketing & Business School, Sergio De Lázaro is part of the founding team of Otrura and the current director of collections. Throughout his career he has studied the different trades within the fashion houses he has worked for and has specialised in Leather Goods, Tailoring and Couture as well as Fine Watchmaking thanks to time spent in a variety of workshops in Spain, France and Switzerland.

After almost 19 years in renowned fashion houses, the first collection of men's footwear for the Autumn 2018 campaign emerged. In October 2019 the first couture and tailoring collection is launched. He feels more comfortable defining himself as someone who attempts to convey a creative concept combination of inherited know-how and contemporary language and materials.

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Collection_Año Latente 2020/2021

The inspiration throughout the year 2020/2021 is "Latent". Latent, in the sense of all those emotions and feelings that we carry inside us that sometimes can come out and express themselves freely, exposing our most intimate side. Latent, meaning what each person wants to express and feel when wearing a garment, a pair of shoes or a bag... Latent, is the implicit individuality of each person expressed through each Otrura piece.

CollectionVII closes the Latent year. The latency has become evident. Break the exterior to create a reality in order to be reborn and continue growing… two inseparable elements of life between which the differences sometimes become blurred. The collection consists of cold wool, organza, cotton tulle, satin, silk and wool blends with overlays. The use of two-ply results in definitive pieces, tailored trimmings such as lead weights are visible constructive elements that embellish and enrich, reformulating the fall of the garment. Layers of mismatched pieces and soleil pleats emerge from the inside of the garments. Minimal reconstructed tailoring and the use of organza as a veil through which we can see horsehair, interlinings, cottons, silks and accessories. Simple pieces in which little of the original garment remain.