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Moisés Nieto is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2011 by the designer who gives the brand its name.

It is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail, with a sense of refined taste. Always keeping in mind sustainability as an essential element both in the creative process and in the production of all his creations. Collaborating frequently in various craft projects.

He also actively collaborates with other brands such as HOFF, Pandora Joyas, Eastpak Artist Studio, eBay, H&M and El Corte Inglés amongst others.

Graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid in 2010, awarded Vogue Italia´s “My Own Show” award in 2011 - curated by the Valentino Group.

The brand begins the path towards the creation and production of its collections and after winning the L'Oreal Paris award for the best EGO collection in 2012, Moisés establishes himself as one of the rising talents in Spanish fashion. In 2013 he’s included in the official calendar of Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week. In 2016 he collaborates with Ecoembes using 100% recycled fabrics. This same year he wins Vogue Spain’s Who’s on Next award, and a year later he is awarded the National Fashion Award.

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27 octubre 2021


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In these uncertain times, where the overload of information, the excess of images and the accelerated changes in the fashion system, almost become the norm; designer Moisés Nieto decides to dive into his memories and chooses the summer of 1990 as a refuge to design his new collection.

He brings back memories in order to create a collection which speaks of the day-to-day life. Particular elements which can be found in the homes of many and oftentimes go unnoticed. Crochet doilies, lace curtains or the plants in the “patio” become a representation of the memories that take us back to those hot never-ending summers in the South.

A recreation of the designer's childhood in the 90s where through the serene lifestyle, he delves into the tradition and routine of a land and a time sometimes longed for.

In his particular vision, this translates into wide midi dresses and pleated skirts, light garments made with organic cotton or silk fabrics all mixed with artisan techniques such as knitting, crochet and macramé.

Textures that play with different weights and structures such as damask silk or seersucker fabrics to create volume in wide midi dresses, skirts and blazers, as well as in tailored wide-leg trousers. Reinvented classics with added unexpected details.

As in previous collections, he continues approaching craftsmanship and highlighting sustainability, two aspects repeatedly associated with the brand, which have now become one of Moisés Nieto's most visible trademarks.