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Olga Menchén studied at the Barcelona School of Fashion Arts and Techniques. After her studies, she worked as a designer for theatre, cinema and television.
In 1995, she founded MENCHÉN TOMÀS. 
MENCHÉN TOMÀS designs, produces and sews her own Prêt-à-Porter, Party and Bride collections. She also makes exclusive bespoke haute couture and bride designs. Moreover, all collection models can be made to measure. 

The entire production process is carried out in Spain through continuous monitoring of each and every stage, in order to achieve maximum control of the final product quality.
Between 1995 and 2001, MENCHÉN TOMÀS presented its collections at the Saló Gaudí catwalk. Since 2013, it has been presenting its collections at the 080 Barcelona Fashion and since 2015 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.
MENCHÉN TOMÀS belongs to the Spanish Fashion Designers Association (ACME).

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Images of darkness and confusion transformed into pure colors.
Dull sounds, laments transformed into arias of emotion unrelated to fear.
Feelings of Light reflected in the purity of the soul.
I speak in silence, very slowly. In cold blood.

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