The name Mans comes from Demans, of German origin, one of the surnames of the designer and creative director of the brand. Shortening it to 'Mans' indicates the search for a new, more personal and updated tailoring.
Mans is a ready-to-wear and tailor-made company, influenced by Saville Row workshops and Japanese techniques. Both will be present in all their collections, mixing this millenary tradition with avant-garde aesthetics, clean cuts and innovation in fabrics.
Mans proposes a new proposal of masculinity. The classic references are merged with youthful subcultures, in a constant play of opposing elements, interconnected to create a balance.
The aim is to offer a complete hybrid wardrobe with quality, versatile basic garments and a progressive design, focused on people who are sure of themselves and of what they are looking for.
Jaime Álvarez was born in 1994 in La Luisiana (Seville) and in 2017 he completed his studies in Fashion Design at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED Madrid). From an early age he began to take an interest in different artistic expressions that lead to fashion, a way of telling stories, experiences and his own universes. From the time he could remember, he took it for granted that he would devote himself to women's fashion and he made this known in his designs. Little by little, he discovered the male world and decided that he could contribute something to this part of undeveloped fashion.
Jaime finishes his studies in April 2017 and continues developing his thesis project; Mans' starting point.
Mans has participated in four occasions in the catwalk '080 Barcelona', receiving in three of them the award for Best Emerging Design, and has also appeared in another occasion in MBFW Madrid.

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14 septiembre 2020


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SS21 collection finds its influence on the aesthetic of the American photographer Slim Aarons. The SS21 garments are inspired in the colors, silhouettes... But most of all in the general attitude of the peculiar characters, that are represented in his portraits, directly extracted from the Aarons’ artwork.

From Mans we are focused on drawing a witty line between the collection and the bucolic multicultural imagination expressed on Aarons’ photography work.
Dressing gowns and tuxedos transport us to the parties where Aarons’ eyes were able to captured this idealized society, which varied depending on the surroundings of the locations.
From Capri to Palm Springs, stopping through the wonderful gardens of Marrakech.
We desire to represent this reality through the creation of unique prints, where naked bodies and abstract designs make a parallelism between the artwork idealization and the nature and the body anatomy.

Another reference point from the collection, besides the mandarin collars, lapels and fabrics, would be the collaboration with Sevilla-based designers from Tolentino Hats, which helped us conceive a complete vision of the inspiration image that remind us to the most representative hats of the time.
All of this enable us to find a complete overview of the characteristic style of Aarons photography artwork.