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I have been extremely lucky to have been working in the world of the fashion multinationals for over 15 years. Working in this major companies has given me perspective and knowledge in the creative processes and in company management. 

Roles as an international trainer, director of visual merchandising, collection coordinator or image director are part of this experience enabling me to do what I do today. 

Mid-way through my career I decided to stop and study fashion design, which I didn’t finish because I think I was too old to go back to school, but the experience was key. 

Four years ago I decided to follow my heart and set out on my own. I left my job as an image director and set up a studio where we work in consulting for fashion labels. 
A year later, we started with LR3.

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28 abril 2021


080 TV


The LR3 collection is permanent, and made up of 10 patterns to which we added new colours and fabrics over time. 
All the garments we are showing are focused on the summer.
Very light fabrics, such as linen and cotton. 
A colour palette of creams, blues, reds, and golds. 
Multi-striped and classic check patterned.