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Lera Mamba was born from the desire to create a new concept where its founding principles would be fashion, art and sustainability.
Through a process of slowfashion, the clients experience a completely different way to acquire fashion garments, where they themselves are the ultimate creator of their garment. So, how does this process work?

At Lera Mamba we create pieces known as a mould, a blank canvas that the client can later personalize. These moulds are made with ecru cotton fabric making reference to the first prototypes that dressmakers use for the initial fitting. Once the client knows which mould they most like, they then choose the fabric. All of our fabrics are end of line and come from stock warehouses, thereby giving them a new lease of life, or alternatively the client can supply their own fabric.

By doing this, we create totally unique garments with their own history, which can be passed from generation to generation like traditional tales.
“We have to find ways to educate and improve the way we buy fashion garments. We have normalized this industry in a way that is precisely not normal”, says Marta Pujol designer at Lera Mamba.
Design, art and fashion unite together to become a creative and conscientious process.

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17 septiembre 2020


080 TV


From Lera Mamba we are launching the CATALOGUE collection. By following our design project we want to convert the catwalk into a catalogue of our new moulds and available fabrics. It consists of a collection where we demonstrate the way in which we work and the way in which our eyes see fashion. Each of the moulds is embroidered with all the information such as the name and the composition of each look.

In a catalogue you are shown in an orderly way all the information for each and every product available, so that the client can see everything that is o?ered and what can be selected. The main purpose then, is to translate this idea to the catwalk.
The embroidery work helps us to promote this idea, as all the looks have their own embroidered information.

The looks are shown in pairs, the ?rst presents the new ecru moulds and the second demonstrates the same moulds with the clients chosen fabric. With silhouettes and sharply marked angles, with daring patterns, monochromatic looks and Ballpagès sandals, the models stride with con?dence to present the Lera Mamba universe through our CATALOGUE collection.

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