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Lebor Gabala is the professional endeavor of Maite Muñoz, who learned the trade from pioneers of the fashion industry in this country such as Pedro Morago, Rap Diffusion, or Mila and Tucho Balado.
A lovely sounding name was her first statement. It is the translation of Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn, a set of Gaelic manuscripts of the eleventh century which recount the founding of Ireland. The fantasy of the stories and the fact that Ireland is so closely tied to the wool tradition, made her decide to adopt the phonetic title, which is pronounced Lebor Gabala in Spanish.

Lebor Gabala chooses the finest materials in search of the highest quality. 

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Collection_Harris Tweed Club

Harris Tweed is named after the Isle of Harris, in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, where for centuries islanders have used local wool and natural dyes to dye pure wool with colours inspired by nature and seascapes and hand-woven the resulting cloth for their own use. Today, Harris Tweed is the only handmade fabric in the world with a designation of origin.

Since its creation, the name and philosophy of Lebor Gabala has been linked to the wool tradition, and our collections are often inspired by nature and the sea, so for our Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 collection we wanted to pay tribute to the talent and tenacity of these artisans we so admire. 

The collection features wide jackets, coats and blazers woven in jacquard with houndstooth design in a variety of colours, from the most temperate to the most vivid and contrasting. Sweaters and cardigans knitted in cashmere and extra fine gauge virgin wool and featuring natural wool colours ranging from ecru and apricot to mink. Alpaca - lightweight and fine gauge - in bright colours inspired by wild flowers in strawberry, violet and pink, and softened, thick cotton corduroy to complete the collection’s autumnal look and feel.

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