Júlia G Escribà is a 20-year-old Catalan designer, who presents her first thermoregulating collection with a technology that was developed for NASA and currently features the Certified Space Technology logo by the US Space Foundation.
The designer has always expressed her concern and commitment to seeking solutions to tackle the climate emergency and is involved in changing the polluting scenario of the textile industry, which is the second most polluting sector in the world. She got interested in smart textiles, design, textile engineering, sustainability, fabrics and society’s changing needs.

From a young age, her mission has been to produce urban, more functional clothing that adapts to the climate thanks to thermoregulating technologies. As a vision, it wants to become a benchmark brand for urban clothing with new technologies that improve the conditions of humanity in the face of global warming. For the designer, fashion must convey values, there cannot be empty fashion without values. She believes that brands must be involved in this climate emergency and that new generations must champion this movement and necessary sustainable change.

Despite her youth, she boasts a track record in the industry: she has worked in a fabric store, worked as a stylist and made some designs for a Catalan designer, until she decided to focus on her own project and take the plunge. She presented her proposal to the Reimagine Textile programme of Tecnocampus and Eurecat (the Technological Centre of Catalonia) in 2019, where she realised the idea and contacted the company Outlast® Technologies LLC by signing an agreement for the use of the thermoregulating patent that was created for NASA. This technology is a starting point, as she has many ideas for thermoregulating technology she wants to test and create her own. The designer pursues her training, while driving her company’s growth.

Júlia G Escribà presents her debut collection “JGE Future Term” at 080, in her hometown, where this project started off and has a long journey ahead of it.

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14 septiembre 2020



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Collection_JGE Future Term

JGE Future Term is a thermoregulating collection with a technology that was developed for NASA. It is one of the first collections to explore the application of this patent, which is called Outlast®, in urban fashion. This technology makes clothes adapt to the temperature your body needs, enabling a change in the current fashion context, i.e. making timeless collections viable thanks to proposals such as this, as it combines technology and new design proposals.

JGE Future Term and the brand were born to respond to the climate emergency and help change awareness in the fashion industry. Solutions need to be found. As the UN says, the Earth's temperature will rise until 2050, making human life on the planet difficult.

JGE Future Term produces urban (thus, everyday) clothing, which adapts to your body’s microclimate. The PCM (Phase Change Materials) technology that has been incorporated in the collection fabrics means that garments are able to absorb, maintain and release heat, creating 25% greater thermal comfort than normal garments. It is a collection made mostly of cotton, hence avoiding polymer fibres and plastics polluting the planet.

We need to promote a technology that adapts to the skin’s microclimate, follows the concept of “slow fashion” and uses sustainable raw materials. The collection does not work according to timeline parameters, as it follows the concept "See now, buy now". The stone and earth colours, the genderless garments, the straight lines and local production highlight the timeless concept with a personal and innovative design.

The collection is not only a fashion show project, but also features a marketing plan that actually brings smart textiles closer to users, hence bringing the combination of fashion and technology closer to the general public.

Collection lookbook image credits:
Marc Medina

Hairdressing and Makeup:
Allison Caranton

Júlia G Escribà

Júlia G Escribà
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