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The designer Guillermina Baeza was born in the Spanish protectorate in Morocco. In the 60s, she moved to Barcelona and, in the 70s, she started her professional career, which led her, in the 80s, to take part in the main European fashion shows. Her ongoing presence on the catwalks has established a style of her own, which underpins the premise of Guillermina Baeza’s philosophy: "Swimwear and lingerie are not mere accessories."

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Collection_El jardí de Monsieur Takisan

The unique beauty of the Japanese garden that encourages contemplation guided us throughout the preparation of our 2022 collection. The play between the green leaves and the pink golds, violets and yellows suggestive of these Japanese gardens that are one of a kind in the world. The blues of the ponds could not be left out. From the deep blue to the mixed blue shades, to patterns reminiscent of pressed gold on ancient parchments. 

The lycras and the patterned fabrics blend with embedded lurex yarns that reflect the light filtering through the plant life. We were enticed by the garden arrangements studied, which exuded an extraordinary lightness and peace. 

We created shapes using techniques involving openings, pleats, crossovers and folds. Like a rake in the sand garden carefully avoiding the stones. These openings are at the front and on the back, in bathing suits and bikinis, and are present throughout the collection. 

We attempted to create this equilibrium, the magical play that places some parts in the shadows and opens up to the light with closely studied openings to provide balanced, unique garments. 

Thank you Japan for the inspiration, thank you Barcelona for a privileged place to let our imagination run wild…