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Born in Guipúzcoa and based in Barcelona, in 2017 he graduates in Fashion Design at the IED, putting into practice what he learned with Llamazares y de Delgado and Josep Abril, with whom he collaborates in two editions of 080. After a few months in the industry, he feels it is time to go it alone, and creates EÑAUT in September, 2018.

That same year he wins the Best Designer Award at REC.0/080 Barcelona Fashion. He makes his debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion in June, 2019, presenting "Newfoundland", which wins the award for best emergent design collection. With a minimalist aesthetic, EÑAUT pays great attention to detail, pampering his patterns and opting for an ethically sustainable philosophy. The collection is designed for the contemporary man who is concerned about his image and is a lover of art and design.

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26 abril 2021


080 TV

Collection_LOGGING 4%

Introducing LOGGING 4%, the fourth collection by Eñaut. This time focusing on deforestation and logging. Moving from life to the absence of it, from all to nothing, from beauty to desolation. A perspective of the struggle in the battle of mass exploitation.

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