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From an early age, I remember being amazed by fashion; I would see in both fashion magazines and real life. When I was a little kid, I usually cut my new dresses —which was something my mother disliked. I needed to cut and manipulate clothes always with my scissors ready. When I grew up, I had no doubts and decided to study fashion design. I enrolled at Istituto Europeo di Design, in Barcelona, and then I did a course at Central Saint Martins, in London.
When I finished university, I primarily worked for local brands and then fashion suppliers working for multinational companies. I started eik? ai following a creative need but also because I was always struggling to browse in the fashion stores. I wanted something unique and diferent for myself, and very rarely, I would find it.

The brand
Named from the Japanese phonetic translation of “Glory” and “Love” —surnames of the partners—, the brand combines a casual style with sophistication and feminism. eik? ai started with a reinterpretation of the kimonos, and this turned out to be our first brand iconic garment.
While growing, we then decided to add new products into the collection and broaden our “universo.”

eik? ai is a women’s ready-to-wear brand that reimagines magical mermaids and combines casual style with sophistication and feminism. Each piece features a delicate, contemporary silhouette rendered in harmonious colours. We put a high value on the craftmanship, the quality materials and the local production.
Founded in 2018 by creative director Glo Lladó, Barcelona-based

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17 septiembre 2020


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¨Land Vibration¨ es una colección sobre una mujer de hoy, urbana, cosmopolita, inspiradora y 
sensual que busca conectar con la belleza natural de la tierra; con el esplendor visual y sensorial de los momentos, paisajes y colores que vibran de manera genuina en un solo instante. El momento presente.
Blondas, transparencias, satenes vaporosos y charoles se funden con estampados fotográficos
de paisajes y cielos coloridos.
El colorido es un balance, una mentalidad optimista. Brillos y tonos medios surgen de la riqueza de las puestas de sol. De la gama de cálidos que relaja. Rosas, tonos peach, naranjas, champagne.
El azul del cielo… Lujos accesibles.
De la vitalidad y naturaleza, el verde espirulina y aloe. Y para finalizar, de la inspiradora ciudad,
un toque de luz de neón, que le agrega un toque de modernidad y actualidad.
Todos los coloridos psicológicamente equilibran y dan sensaciones positivas. Mix de altas
Las siluetas son mezcla también de la urbe; looks lenceros y festivos conviven con estilos mas
casual, depurados y relajados; camisas oversize, joggers… más propios de lo que nos transmite
el mundo natural.
La mujer eiko ai luce estas prendas en varias ocasiones. En fiestas de día o de noche con un
look casual sofisticado.

¨Land Vibration¨ is a collection about a present-day, urban, cosmopolitan, inspiring and sensual woman who seeks to connect with Earth’s natural beauty, with the visual and sensory glory of moments, landscapes and colours that genuinely vibrate for an instant. The present moment.
Lace, transparencies, sheer satin and patent leather blend with photographic prints of landscapes and colourful skies.
The colours are an assessment, an optimistic mindset. Sheen and mid-tones emerge from the richness of sunsets. From the range of relaxing warm colours. Shades of pink, peach, orange, champagne.
The sky’s blue colour ... Affordable luxury.
From vitality and nature, spirulina and aloe vera green. And, eventually, from the inspiring city, a touch of neon light, which adds a touch of modernity and timeliness.
All colours provide a psychological balance and positive feelings. A high-vibration mix.
The shapes are also a city mixture; lingerie and festive looks coexist with more casual, refined and relaxed styles; oversized shirts, joggers…, which are more characteristic of what the natural world conveys to us.
The eiko ai woman wears these garments on several occasions. At daytime or evening parties with a chic casual look.

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