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Born in Guipúzcoa and based in Barcelona, in 2017 he graduates in Fashion Design at the IED, putting into practice what he learned with Llamazares y de Delgado and Josep Abril, with whom he collaborates in two editions of 080. After a few months in the industry, he feels it is time to go it alone, and creates EÑAUT in September, 2018.

That same year he wins the Best Designer Award at REC.0/080 Barcelona Fashion. He makes his debut at 080 Barcelona Fashion in June, 2019, presenting "Newfoundland", which wins the award for best emergent design collection. With a minimalist aesthetic, EÑAUT pays great attention to detail, pampering his patterns and opting for an ethically sustainable philosophy. The collection is designed for the contemporary man who is concerned about his image and is a lover of art and design.

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25 octubre 2021


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For his fifth collection, Eñaut is inspired by flysch, groups of rocks that reflect the history of the planet in layers revealing its evolution over millions of years. This natural book - the earth he has walked on since childhood - is his starting point. Its colours are - as in the stone mantles - black, grey and white. Layers of sediment and rock alternate between hardness and softness, exactly like in the materials he uses: recycled polyester, regenerated wool, vegan leather, tricot and organic elements.

This structure of differentiated mineral lines of the flysch is revealed in the striped prints and pleats, as well as in the dual composition of the pieces: two halves facing each other to create a whole. The artisan jeweller Tò Garal and the handbag brand Nonnai, Eñaut's creative accomplices; have created ad hoc pieces for this collection.