Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in 2010 at the hands of Ángel Vilda. His garments are proposed as games, puzzles, apparently structurally simple hieroglyphics which correspond to complex equations in which colour and material form parts of codes in which nothing is random. Brain&Beast proposes mixing garments which combine emotion and reason, with a very strong influence from contemporary culture without leaving out oodles of sophistication and a serious sense of humour.

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Collection_10 años

Brain&Beast was born in the garage of our house. We took the car out to the street and transformed that space into a workshop that, nowadays, is still the place where all the samples are made and later seen everybody can see on the catwalk ... we keep on making them by ourselves, with our own hands, the entire process, from drawing to sewing.

A decade ago, César proposed me coming back to the fashion scene, after having been working on my own´s name brand  for enough years to crash and burn, and yet there was no doubt about it. He put his fixed salary ahead and gave me the gift of being able to live the way I like to. We looked for the name that we thought best represented the concept we had in mind and there appeared the ape that appears in our logo: reason and emotion in unison, passion and company... crossing our fingers so as not to fall into the same mistakes again.

Many people have passed through this house during all this time; some of them were just passing by, others came and went and quite a few of them arrived to stay. Brain&Beast has always had the vocation of a tribe, from the team to the most heterogeneous castings I could imagine. I have always tried to transmit the illusion that all this produces me and to infect those who have been by my side with the irrationality that drives me to tell a new story every six months. These stories are translated into clothes. Then, those clothes end up in other people's closets, who in turn interpret new stories, dressed in those clothes. Because those people, through their desire, have achieved that the final destination of those pieces was that, living in their houses; and that is the magic, that my children live in other houses to become children of another.

Also, in this decade, I have tried to build an identity and launch a clear message that stirs up consciences and invites reflection. Beauty is our reason for being, but not its search, but its questioning. We have portrayed all kinds of people because we dress all kinds of people, without prejudice of any kind. We believe in the defect as a differentiating feature and we transform it into a virtue. We continue with the same desire to take the opposite for mental health, we continue betting on the quality product and we call for responsibility when buying only what you love ... all these ideas united as pieces of a patchwork, crossed by a needle threaded to fix them together, leaving a mark.

Now it's been ten years since all this happened. From the garage we talk to the press showroom that represents us in Madrid, we send e-mails to the sales agency that takes care of our distribution based in Hong Kong, we prepare the delivery notes for the retailers that we always wanted to have in different parts of the world or we prepare the technical files of the garments ordered for the workshops that make our production. Everything is "Made in Spain", including the shoes and bags we are launching this year, manufactured in Alicante. We have won prizes and also had bad days, but the real success is that, to this day, we are still the same two people who spawned the ape: César and Ángel, César and me.