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Menswear designer Boris Bidjan Saberi was born on September 11, 1978 in Munich, Germany, from a Persian father and a German mother. These biographical factors play a fundamental role in Saberi’s expression: dual systems such as West/Middle East traditions and form/formless garments are combined with designer’s passion for numerology. 11 is in fact the symbolic trademark of the brand and the name of his second line. 

Boris was exposed to the fashion and clothing industry from an early age. In 1996, his push to reinvent pre-existing forms drove him to reshape Levi’s vintage jeans and military garments: this was the very first demonstration of Saberi’s customized items, destined to inaugurate a long series of future collections. In 2003, he started exploring on different ways of leather experimentation and created his first handmade leather accessories. In 2006, Boris completed his education graduating in  fashion design and tailoring in Barcelona, Spain.

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04 febrero 2020


Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Retrospective of 11 years of work of Boris Bidjan Saberi. 

The Philosophy 

Throughout the years, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s work has grown into a high-end luxury brand, reflecting his personal and experimental take on handcrafted clothing.  

In 2007, Saberi launched his eponymous label, establishing his atelier in Monistrol,  place that fully represents his complex philosophy. In this characteristic town situated on Monserrat mountain valley, the designer settled his first headquarter, which was later transferred to Poblenou district in Barcelona. Both ateliers of industrial archeology, stand for being geographical exemplifications of a secular spirituality. Boris develops in these the outlines of his metropolitan religion, as well as the fortress of his contemporary warriors. 

Following the inception of the brand, Boris Bidjan Saberi began participating in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar where he nowadays presents his collections. Quoting street and skate culture as one of its main influences, the label increased a distinctive attention for functional qualities whilst maintaining a strong connection to urban roots. 

Saberi matures a peculiar clothing language through the celebration of his innate heritage between European and Middle-Eastern cultures. It is therefore the burst of a instinctive primitiveness, in which raw materials and accurate tailoring fuse together. 

The Alchemy 

Human body has always been the main focus of designer’s aesthetics; which must be empowered and protected by additional armors. Under Saberi’s perspective, floating shapes and rigid geometries blend together remodeling human silhouette in a de-structured style. 

Saberi’s compositional mood includes layered fabrics and edgy cuts expressed through a monochromatic color palette. Organic materials such as leather, felt and cotton coexist with inorganic elements like vinyl and tar. 

Achieving the highest degree of experimentation, Boris Bidjan Saberi garments are  processed under innovative techniques, conferring an authentic touch to his design. Blood painted transparent leather stays among his most exclusive creations. 

Primary elements meet distinctive cuts and shapes to create elaborated garments, that turn out into real forms of life experience.

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