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Barcelona fashion designer, creative director of his own label (www.avellaneda.eu), style icon and celebrity stylist. Furthermore, he carries out projects and works as a creative consultant for other brands. Avellaneda's customers include celebrities, such as Nieves Álvarez, Ronnie Wood or Jaime de Marichalar, among many others. He is one of the male references in the fashion world, according to publications such as Icon, Vanity Fair, GQ and Harper's Bazaar Spain, as he has appeared on the list of "The most elegant men" for the last 3 years. His track record, great taste and knowledge have allowed him to develop his facet as a style coach in different public areas. Since 2017, he has collaborated in several TV shows as a jury and fashion commentator, such as Cambiame, Masterchef Celebrity and Operación Triunfo, among others. In May 2019, his first book, POTÉNCIATE (Boost Yourself), a practical style manual, was released. Moreover, he regularly collaborates with newspapers such as El País, La Vanguardia or La Razón.

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26 abril 2021


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Collection_La nuit éclairée

Sometimes it is worth taking a closer look at what we have seen so often so as to remember what is important. Antoni Gaudí's Casa Milà, for instance, is an icon of Barcelona and a modernist classic. However, we are so used to its intricate shapes that we sometimes forget what its initial intention was: to create a gigantic multi-sensory installation, an evocation of nature, an interior landscape halfway between a forest and the depths of the sea that would allow its inhabitants to escape from noise and haste. 
This is precisely the sense that I wanted to claim by presenting my new capsule collection here, in these imposing staircases that look like a fairy tale landscape. Over the last few months we have been overcome by uncertainty and disappointment, which is why I believe that, at times like these, fashion must regain its ancestral function: to wrap us in beauty, joy, fun and escapism. 
La nuit éclairée is my contribution to this cause. Last year's events have made us let go of things that were weighing us down to keep what is essential. Thus, in this capsule collection I have decided to focus on a few elements that condense my vision of fashion and the world. Tuxedos for men and women, prints inspired by Chinese porcelain, dresses inspired by tailored garments, an essential and energetic colour range – white, black, red, blue – that refers to Mediterranean culture and its celebration of what is essential. 
The common thread is a universe imbued with the glamour, energy and sophistication of Truman Capote's Black and White party, moving on to La Pedrera and taking up Gaudí's idea of creating a space of beauty, freedom and escape. 
For me, fashion has always been a passport to dreaming, a secret password, a magic passage that takes us to a world ruled by beauty, imagination and audacity, when crossing it. That is why this collection arises at this moment, as an invitation to dream and celebrate beauty and life, which are the secret fuel of everything that moves us and the passage to get you there.