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On finishing his studies in Fine Arts and Fashion Design at the University of the Arts London, he returned to Spain to start work as a Designer and Couturier for the firm Santiago Bandrés (Madrid), where he began to grow and learn within the fashion industry.

It was after having worked with him for two years that he established the basic concepts and fundamental lines for what was to become his own brand: ANTONIO MARCIAL. A genderless style with deconstructed patterns mixed with simple silhouettes and elegant, fresh lines. 

ANTONIO MARCIAL was established as a young fashion label, breaking with all the traditional gender codes.

Since then, ANTONIO MARCIAL has appeared in national and international fashion publications (L'Officiel Austria and Coolturize Magazine, among others), which was a starting point for the promotion and dissemination of the brand that led it to take part in the April 2021 080 Barcelona fashion show where it presented its first collection, Fresh and Bloody. A good foundation for the label that continued to grow with new projects.

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26 octubre 2021


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Collection_Cruel and Soft

cruel and soft is the continued reflection on the dark emotions of man. cruel and soft is a collection of genderless fashion that explores the violence within us as individuals and as a group or species, from an inquisitive, thoughtful viewpoint. 

Through the collection, I reflect on violence as a fundamental element of man; I ask myself: How can we condemn violence yet still create new types, with new names? How can we romanticise it and give it emotional, beautiful meaning? How visceral and brutal must violence be before it is noticed? Are we really that numb to it? Is this due to our own violent nature?

The collection reflects all these questions for all those who are yet to find a reply. So many essays, so many philosophers and artists reflecting on this human aspect, yet we are unable to leave behind what seems to be our more visceral and primitive nature. 

The collection speaks of us all as victims of violence. All the blows we have received, all the words that hurt us, all the gestures that caused and still cause us pain. Yet cruel and soft also invokes individual reflection and personal rebuilding. Through this collection I am neither the judge nor the executioner, and I myself reflect with each garment. cruel and soft speaks of the blows we have received, and invokes reflection. 

How often have we had the chance to reflect? How often have we seen our own faults?