Clara Esteve, a fashion designer specialising in swimwear & intimates, is heading All that she loves. 
Trained at Idep Barcelona, she started to work in the fashion world at a very young age, at the TCN in Barcelona. With a professional track record of 16 years within the company, she launched her personal project in 2015. In the heart of the Costa Brava, she created the following: Clara Esteve Studio, her swimwear & intimates design studio, where she creates collections for different brands and external designers. 

In 2017, she launched her first brand from the Studio: All that she loves.
All that she loves is a swimwear & intimates label that focuses its main concept on combining technique and the latest technology as well as craftsmanship and local production. The garments are made from high-quality fabrics, boiled with preparations for subsequent dyeing. Each garment is manually handled, tied together and folded before introducing it into dye drums, which allows her to provide each creation with a special, exclusive and unique appearance. Once dyed, the garments undergo a sophisticated untying process as well as sewing and ironing finishes that eventually provide them with the desired look.

ATSL is a responsible brand that is committed to the “made in local” philosophy both in terms of the purchase of fabrics and throughout the processes and stages of the development of collections in workshops and by collaborators located in Girona, Maresme and Barcelona.
All that she loves understands fashion as a creation process based on respect and where each hand involved gives it all, as they love what they do.
ATSL – it's all about love and it's all that she loves!

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ALL THAT SHE LOVES was born in the Mediterranean, on the Catalan coast, in a small town in the Empordà region. It emerges from the slow fashion philosophy and evolves through an eclectic mix of its roots and destiny.

The quality of the raw material, the use of the latest technology, the love for the environment that inspires the designs and the people that are part of the production of each piece culminate in garments that are traditionally cut, knit, tied and dyed in local workshops in Girona and the Maresme region. Its final creations inevitably draw waves and corners of the Costa Brava.

Tie dye has been ATSL's hallmark since its inception in 2016. This technique is not a fleeting trend, it is its essence, the company’s signature and the brand’s origin: waves and wind, water and salt, the sun and its rays, rocks, sand and stones. No summer day is uniform, no two beaches are the same and no two people can experience anything the same way. That is why each garment is unique and different.  Because it is a natural product, which through many hands becomes another force of nature. If we are all different, why would we dress the same?

In the SS21 collection, delicacy and strength take over the catwalk: those handmade knots and energetic dyes become an explosion of colours and sensations that are hard to forget. As if simplicity had never been so sophisticated.
Colours are born in white and ecru, go through ice grey, lime, water, pink and reach khakis and bluette. In swimwear, we find high-quality polyamides in different structures; smooth, ribbed, embossed and neoprene, all prepared for dyeing.  As well as a structure of gold and silver elastic and overprinted fabric. Within the new line of accessories made of all-organic cotton, we can find plain cotton, ribbed fabric, several plush structures, linen-cotton gauze, coarse cotton twill and wonderful silk. And we finish off the collection with metallic garments.
The looks that ATSL suggests are a mixture of the different product lines, plush bikinis, maillots with shorts, bikinis under and over accessories and key garments, such as overalls, as unique looks.

The new SS21 proposal is a continuation of the previous season with new designs, new colours and many new features, but within its style and not a specific trend, because that is what ATSL aspires to, to be a brand with its own essence, DNA and style and not follow fleeting trends. 
These garments are based on a woman’s ideas and go through the hands of many others for women like you.

Genuine women. 
Who value good and new things without giving up easiness.
Women who love what is real.