ONRUSHW23FH was born from the merge of Albert Sánchez and Sebastián Cameras, 24 and 22 years old, two designers both graduated in Fashion Design and Image in the city of Barcelona. This project is part of their final career thesis, consisting of the creation of a collection that would be presented later in June 2019, consolidating subsequently in the current project.

Both designers, after obtaining a degree in fashion design and a postgraduate degree in fashion management and styling respectively, travel to Paris during the Menswear Fashion Week 2019 to work as assistant stylists for Eytys in the presentation of their collection at the same time as in the Showroom of Dianne Von Fustenberg. They then moved to London where they began an internship in the designer’s David Koma’s brand, preparing the 10th-anniversary collection to be presented at the London Fashion Week in September 2019. In October of the same year, they would both do a traineeship in the design department at Preen by Thorton Bregazzi, deve- loping the brand’s Fall-Winter 2020/2021 collection.
In 2020 they will return to Barcelona to work on the growth of the project, developing various proposals such as the one they will present this September 2020. In parallel with the label, both designers have participated in projects outside it.

Sebastian Cameras has taken part in numerous projects as a stylist and assistant stylist allowing him to work alongside people such as Stephania Yepes, Carlota Guerrero, Elliot James Kennedy, Sita Abellán, Maria José Llergo, Gabriella Richardson, Nice Things and Paloma Wool among others. Adding to this, the fact of holding publications in printed magazines such as Metal Magazine or CAP74024.

Albert Sánchez, on the other hand, is the director and producer of his accessories brand, Cliché Barcelona, founded in 2014, with which he has been able to work and collaborate with people like Daniela Braga from Victoria’s Secret, Mayka Merino, Marta Ortiz, Nina Urgell, Carla Hinojosa, Brillant, and the show in Madrid Fashion Week with the accessories for JCPAJARES. In addition to this, as a stylist’s assistant, he has also parti- cipated in projects in which he has worked with Stephania Yepes, Maria José Llergo, Gabriela Richardson and Paloma Wool.

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16 septiembre 2020


080 TV


Seldom do people come across concepts such as the ones developed by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, where liquid society and the immediacy implied over it, are used as inspiration. The collection is based around the concept of celerity that as individuals it marks us and induces us to a certain self-demand, creating a distorted reality resulting in an intangible objective. 

From this point on, we reduce this utopia and disfigured scenario to the most visual and uncomplicated image of “arriving late” in our everyday life.
The collection has undergone a thorough development carried out through the search of rich visual imagery of immediacy, starting from details such as someone waking up, the misplacement of a garment... caused by chaos and resulting in the agitation of being late and the process of arriving at the destination at any price.