30 Jul 2017 - 00:00

From its beginnings, the 080 Barcelona Fashion has stated that fashion is culture. This belief has even defined some editions like the 19th that took place in the National Theatre of Catalonia to connect fashion with other arts like music and theatre. Now is the Internet giant Google who also believes this through the new initiative We are culture, the great virtual exhibition of the fashion world that allows to go through over 3,000 years of fashion history from any device.
It’s a huge exhibition in which more than 180 international intitutions have taken part, like the Metropolitan museum in New York and Victoria & Albert museum in London and that features from traditional sewing techniques to the style of icons like Marilyn Monroe.
Barcelona’s Museu del Disseny has also participated in We are culture by Google Arts & Culture with the exhibition “Dressing the body”, which shows how clothing has modified the human’s silhouette taking into account five actions: increasing, reducing, elongating, profiling and revealing. Throughout over five centuries, from 1550 to 2015, “Dressing the body” explains how social and political changes have defined the way we dress and, in its virtual version, it shows it in an educational and fun way, with videos, images and zooms, that present a different, and supplementary, vision from the visit in the museum. In the end of the virtual tour, it’s time for the contemporary designers, with a 2007 look by Txell Miras as the opening. However, We are culture doesn’t present the recent renovation with the looks by the 080 Barcelona Fashion designers, which remains an exclusive of the Museu del Disseny.