27 Feb 2017 - 21:28

With a front-row filled with influencers like Aida Domenech -better known as Dulceida- and Belen Hostalet, the young designer ZE Garcia debuts on the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway with his “ready-to-buy” collection “Dualism”. It’s a show defined by the big volumes, sensuality and femininity, which pays homage to his work at the atelier where he creates made-to-measure designs for women who don’t want to be unseen in the big occasions... or a simple night-out.

A spectacle on the stage of the National Theatre of Catalonia that presents long silhouettes in fabulous fabrics and tight-fitting designs while introducing elements of couture like drapes, XXL sleeves and techniques like moulage. The dualism that names the collection is also expressed through the colour palette, which features from the elegant black to more vibrant tones like fuchsia and turquoise, as well as a softer blue, more romantic.