5 Mar 2017 - 13:34

Pablo Erroz pays homage to those artists, writers, musicians and other creative souls misunderstood and never accepted by society with “Panorama”, his collection in men and women’s fashion for autumn-winter 2017-18 presented at the National Theatre of Catalonia within the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway. He takes us on a journey where logics and unreality go hand in hand through designs that combine fun and functionality with balance.

The clean lines mark the outerwear pieces, made of top materials, like leather and fur, as well as other textures like denim and vinyl, which bring richness to the collection. The minimal shapes are opposite to the maximalism of some of the prints and the application of graphics patterns in vibrant colours like orange and light blue. It’s a fresh collection, declined in navy, off-white, black, grey, khaki and deep red, that adds a more sporty and casual touch to the usual look signed by Pablo Erroz.