30 Jun 2017 - 00:00

Jordi Baiget, Minister of Business and Knowledge, has awarded today the prizes of the 080 Barcelona Fashion 20th edition. Elena Estaun has won the Generalitat of Catalonia National Award to the Best Collection for “Ethnic Vibes” while Mietis has won the Generalitat of Catalonia National Award to Emerging Design by Desigual for “Cosmic Cinderella”. On her side, Torras has been distinguished with the Modacc Award to the Best Collection of exporting brands for “Beat Generation”.

Within the 080 closing, Minister Baiget has highlighted that throughout its 20 editions “the event has been evolving and we want the runway to have future prospect”. Moreover, he has recalled that the 080 Barcelona Fashion “has always kept a constant, the creativity and the design and all that makes fashion what it is, but edition after edition it has also been introducing the industry that lies behind”. In addition, Baiget has announced that the next edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion will take place at the same location as this one, San Pau Art Nouveau Site, from January 29th to February 2nd 2018.
Regarding the winners, the emerging designer Maria Fontanella, from Mietis, 080 National Award to Emerging Design, has stated that “the award represents everything, it’s a big opportunity that they are offering me and I’m very happy”. Elena Estaun, winner of the 080 National Award to Best Collection, has admitted that “I didn’t expect it, because there were really many designers, and of very good level”. Estaun has explained that “I will continue applying the same concept of jewel-attire because it’s my passion and what I think makes me different”. As for Torras, creative director Marta López, who has won the Modacc Award, has commented, clearly touched,  that “its a very beautiful surprise, I didn’t expect it”.
This has been the decision of the jury of experts of this 20th edition, formed by: Andrea Figueras, Communications Director in Spain at Desigual; Carlo Kamchis, associate editor at Wonderland Magazine; Carole Taouati, founder of consulting company Lelook; Elena Martin, Fashion Director at Bau Escola Universitària and founder of clothing brand Martin Lamothe; and Jessica Michault, general editor at ODDA magazine.
The award ceremony has closed the last day of this 20th edition that today has also been home to some fashion shows at Sant Pau Art Nouveau site. Red Point has kicked off the runway with “Mediterranean, union of cultures”, inspired by the different civilizations that have inhabited the Mediterranean isles like Sicily and Ibiza. The brand’s designer, Gemma Torrent, presents tropical prints and sandy hues combined with frills and embossed touches.

BCN Brand has been next on the runway with “Emotion”, what the brand feels for its city, Barcelona, and also what it wants to provoke so as to leave nobody indifferent. Through Barcelona-related prints and bright summer colors, it has presented a fresh and casual proposal, true to brand’s style.
Afterwards, ES Collection has presented “Tropik Glitch”, which mixes the tropical patterns of summer with technology. The result is a very contemporary version of hawaian prints thanks to the digital touch of the designs in a line that plays with volumes, textures and vivid colours for an original and elegant look.
Lola Casademunt has closed todays, and all the 20th edition, fashion shows at 080 Barcelona Fashion runway with “Grand Hotel”, inspired in the glamour of the old European grand hotels, surrounded by dreamy flourished gardens. Strawberry, lemon and green are mixed with blue and white for daytime while at night the pieces shine thanks to the application of embroidered sequins and rhinestones.
The shows and the award cerimony have ended the 20th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, that has brought 30,700 attendees together, amongst media, bloggers, buyers, guests and general public, which means an increase of 23,7% of public in comparison with last winter edition. 995 media professionals, from 417 different media, have followed the activity in situ. Among them, 387 are from national media; 160 are bloggers or from digital media; 125 are digital influencers; 190 graphic media and 133 international media from countries like United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Mexico, from media like Wonderland (UK), L’Officiel (FR), Gioia! (IT) and Blonde (DE).
Regarding 080 Barcelona Fashion social media channels, the number of followers on Facebook today closing day is 88.165, which has risen by 0.5% on the previous edition; on Twitter, there are 25,400 followers (0,8% more) and, finally, Instagram has experimented the biggest increase and has 41.800 followers, 6.63% more compared with last edition.
As for the 080 Barcelona Fashion website, throughout the week of fashion shows, the platform has registered 30,000 visits, the majority from Spain, followed by the United States as the leader of the international visits, over other countries like Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Mexico, Russia and Argentina. 
In relation to the commercial side of the event, the 4th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom has generated 400 professional contacts between the 27 companies present, with an attendance success, as it has attracted 80 international buyers during the two days of the trade fair. The president of the Catalan Textile Cluster Modacc, Francesc Maristany, has pointed out that “the first impressions are really good. On the one side, the space was much bigger, and new brands have been introduced and added to the ones of last edition, many of which have participated again”. According to Maristany, “all the exhibitors have told us that they want to participate again in the showroom’s next edition”.

Pending the quantified balance, Modacc’s president has declared that “some very interesting commercial agreements have been closed” and has highlighted that “the inverse mission of Korean buyers has been especially fruitful. A pair of commercial agreements have been signed, which will help Catalan fashion to open market in this country”.
Like last edition, this June the showroom has attracted imporant online operators like Amazon and Alibaba, which proves, according to Francesc Maristany, “the growing interest of Catalan products for these platforms that offer new export possibilities and the opening of new markets for catalan companies”. An example of this interest is that, as Maristany has revealed, “the Alibaba representants have extended their stay in Barcelona to see more collections”.
A new evidence of the attraction that generates Catalan fashion on a global level and the rise of its internationalization thanks to, among other initiatives, the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway and activities like the 080 Fashion Showroom. The date with the best Catalan fashion will be back from January 20th 2018 to keep showing to the world the creativity of our emerging designers, the talent of the established designers and the strength of the textile industry.