13 Jan 2017 - 00:00

From January 307th until February 3rd, the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) will be home to the Autumn-Winter 2017-18 fashion shows of 33 Catalan brands and designers within the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk framework.
Once again, the organization has chosen an emblematic location for the ruway and, on this occasion, it responds to this 19th edition’s goal to boost synergies between culture and fashion, and connecting the latter with other artistic expressions. In addition, this 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the TNC opening, so this election is part of the celebration. 
The 33 brands and designers that will show their new collections on the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway are: Aldomartins, Anel Yaos, Antonio Miró, Aubergine, Blame, Bóboli, Brain&Beast, CND by Cóndor, Custo Barcelona, Daniel Rosa, E.S. Collection, Escorpion Studio Barcelona, Josep Abril, Justicia Ruano, Krizia Robustella, Lebor Gabala, Little Creative Factory, Loa by Lidia Aguilera, Lola Casademunt, Miquel Suay, Miríam Ponsa, Naulover, Oscarleon, Pablo Erroz, Pilar del Campo, Punto Blanco, TCN, Torras, Txell Miras, VM La Sibèria, Wom and Now, Yerse and ZE Garcia.
Among them, we find some new comers who will debut in this 19th edition: Daniel Rosa, Anel Yaos, Pilar del Campo and Aubergine. In addition, the childrenswear brand Little Creative Factory and the well-known designer ZE Garcia will also present their collection on the Catalan catwalk for the first time while the closing show also present novelties as it will introduce the revolutionary men’s underwear brand E.S. Collection.
Moreover, the sponsors of this 19th edition have already been announced. Moritz repeats, once again, as the main sponsor showing it support to Catalan fashion. Alongside the beer brand, we find, as sponsors, Redken (official hairdresser), La Roca Village, Movistar, Fever Tree, Westwing, Gramona, MVIPS, Rowenta, CND Beauty (official manicure), Bijou Brigitte (accessories) and BCN Brand (uniforms).
From next Monday 16th of January the professional public (press and buyers) can already get accredited through this website.
080 Barcelona Fashion fashion shows calendar

      Monday, January 30th 2017
12:00h                   BÓBOLI
14:00h                   CND BY CÓNDOR
16:00h                   BLAME
17:30h                   MIQUEL SUAY
19:00h                   TCN
20:30h                   “Dorian Gray. La bellesa no té pietat”, producció de Pierre Cardin
      Tuesday, January 31st 2017
11:00h                   LOA by Lidia Aguilera // LOLA CASADEMUNT
12:30h                   NAULOVER
14:00h                   TXELL MIRAS
16:00h                   OSCARLEON
17:30h                   JOSEP ABRIL
19:00h                   MIRIAM PONSA
20:30h                   CUSTO BARCELONA (*)
      Wednesday, February 1st 2017
11:00h                  PILAR DEL CAMPO // ANEL YAOS
12:30h                  PABLO ERROZ // KRIZIA ROBUSTELLA
14:00h                  ESCORPION
16:00h                  ANTONIO MIRO
17:30h                  VM LA SIBÈRIA
19:00h                  ZE GARCIA
      Thursday, February 2nd 2017
11:00h                   AUBERGIN // DANIEL ROSA
12:30h                   TORRAS
14:00h                   WOM & NOW
16:00h                   YERSE
17:30h                   LEBOR GABALA
19:00h                   JUSTICIA RUANO
20:30h                   BRAIN & BEAST
     Friday, February 3rd 2017
11:00h                   LITTLE CREACTIVE FACTORY
12:00h                   E. S. COLLECTION
13:00h                   PUNTO BLANCO                
14:00h                   ALDOMARTINS


*Requereix invitació especial