080 Activitats
28 Jun 2017 - 00:00

The fashion start-up Yumehub and the emerging fashion brand Uttopy have won the 3rd edition of 080 Investor Day, that has taken place this afternoon within the 080 Barcelona Fashion, with the novelty of the debut of the new category 080ID Raising Brand to also boost emerging brands in the fashion sector.

Yumehub has been the winner project in the category 080 Investor Day Start-ups. It’s a platform created by Mercè Saperas and Patrícia Jordà that is based on the content generated by the users, who give feed-back on fashion to help the rest of the community to choose what to wear or to buy. It’s an innovative project of social fashion where yumers can share their clothes and ask for opinion in real time and on a international scope.
Uttopy, on its side, has won the new category 080 Investor Day Raising Brands. It’s another women-run project, in this case, from Barcelona: Inés Echevarría and Cristina Fernández. It focuses on sustainable fashion because through their designs it helps NGOs in their funding and awareness-raising task.

A jury of expert formed by representants of the different partners of 080ID have choosen these projects among 10 finalists. Both Yumehub and Uttophy have won a prize valued in 100,000 euros through services of the partner companies of this initiative:
In addition to the elevator pitch presentation of the 10 finalists, the event has also been home to a program of activities around entrepreneurship, innovation and private funding in fashion. Among them, we find the conference by Matthew Drinkwater, head of the Innovation Agency in Fashion at the London College of Fashion (LCF), on the impact of new technologies in fashion; and the intervention of Corey Moran, from Google, who has applied data to foresee the future of the industry.
Within the closing of the 080 Investor Day, the head of Commerce, Muntse Vilalta, has pointed out that “currently, entrepreneurship is key for the industry” and has wanted to remeber the importance that “the capital goes to projects in their initial stage to help them carry out initiatives as powerful as the ones presented today in this forum”.
Also today has taken place the opening of the 4th 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom with Minister of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget. Within the opening, the minister and Modacc’s president, Francesc Maristany, have signed the collaboration agreement that promotes the 4th edition of the showroom. Baiget has explained that “080 is growing and not only in creativity but also in another foundation: fashion bided to industry. And with the signature of this agreement we want it to continue”. Moreover, he has added that “the 080, apart from being a great window to design and creativity, we also want it to be a commercial window”.

And with this aim the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom has been organised and updated as on this occasion it has changed its format to become a trade fair during today and tomorrow in the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. The objective is to turn into an international benchmark like Scoop in London or Design&Arts in NewYork because, as Minister Baiget has stated, “the best are the expectations of the sector's future: to grow and to internationalize, two challenges that are embraceable".